Warehouse Facilities in UAE

UAE Cargo Services helps you to match supply with the demand within the timeliness you have defined for customers. Warehousing activities of UAE Cargo Services include Industrial Warehousing, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and Air cargo complexes. UAE Cargo Services also offers service in the area of clearing & forwarding, handling & transportation, procurement & distribution, disinfestations services. There are many ways through which warehouse activities can be more efficiently managed and reduces costs in an organization.

  • Maximize and optimize all the available spaces.
  • Inventory management and Focus on safety.
  • Adopt the latest technology.
  • Controlling inbound and outbound freight.
  • Incentive pay and Work-flow planning.
  • Simplify processes - Reduce Touches - Reduce Costs.
  • Develop more effective frontline managers.
  • Voice enabling technology.
  • Organize workstations.
  • Optimize labour efficiency.
  • Ensure the sufficient product is available when a picker needs it.
  • Plan for flexibility and scalability.
  • Measure and report performance matrices to your workers.