Storage Tips

  • Do maximise the use of your storage space by protecting your delicate items. Utilize all the vertical space which you have.
  • Group all frequently used items together and pack these items last. One thing I remind you, keep them altogether in front of your storage unit.
  • Wrap all sensitive or breakable objects with old blankets or newsprints.
  • Do not forget to put a cotton sheet or blanket to separate the surfaces. So that they do not get scratched or damaged.
  • If you plan to store any gaseous equipment, remember to drain the fuels and check for any leaks. This may create accidents too.
  • Always stack lighter objects above the heavier objects.
  • Try to organise your storage room more wisely.
  • These simple tricks and tips will help you in packing and storing things. You know you have a lot of things to pack. Before you think to pack your goods, you must plan ahead. It is very easy to pack when you listed or noted the packing things in a paper or notepad. Uaecargo provide warehouse facilities for those who does not have any enough space. Uaecargo services offer any kind of relocations such as local move, international move, air freight, sea freight, etc.