Dubai Packing Services

UAE Cargo Service makes the process of moving and packing activity smooth for our clients. We also provide some of the tips for handling, storing and packing of the goods. To avoid the beginner mistake, we provide you the tips to avoid any kind of damage to the goods in this process of shifting or relocating. We make the transition very comfortable for our clients.

  • Firstly decide the moving company you want to deal with in advance and then check for their performance.
  • Insurance coverage should be purchased without fail on all the movable items.
  • Make an inventory list of all the goods which are packed and moved.
  • Maintain a file of all items and documents of the products.
  • Check for clean and secure warehousing ability.
  • The most needed items should be packed last so that it is easily available on opening.
  • Keep the item list easily available to keep check on items.
  • All the boxes should be labeled to avoid confusion while arranging.
  • Wrap the delicate items in bubble wrap and keep in different box.
  • Pack the household essentials in separate box.