Packing in UAE Cargo Services

Uaecargo services is one of the top cargo packing companies in Dubai. We use the best packing material for cargo packing. Packing material has a major role in packing. Packing materials are of many kinds. But choosing the right material at right time is more important than anything. We can go through some materials which we commonly see around us.

  • Plastic - They are light, strong and cheap to manufacture. Because of this reason plastic we use most commonly for packing. At the same time it is very difficult to dispose of.
  • Metal - It is commonly used to package canned food especially drinks, such as soft drinks (beers). Aluminium, tin, or heavy steel with tin is used to protect it against rust. Majority of all cans of all soft drinks are made of aluminium.
  • Brick Carton - They are light, strong and air tight material. This ia mainly used for packaging basic foodstuffs like milk, juice etc... But it is to recycle is very complex task.
  • Carboard - This packaging material is very easy to recycle and use. It is manufactured in the shape of box, sheet corrugated cardboard.
  • Glass - This is an ideal material for packaging especially liquids. It is strong, inalterable and easy to recycle. Its weight and shape may arise some difficulties for storage and transportation.