International Moving Tips

With international moves, you have many considerations to think about local or interstate moves. International moves are different from domestic move, they require more preparation, more awareness, and more time.

  • Not hiring a professional international moving company with expertise in international moving-Unless your shipment is very small, your goods will more than likely be shipped by ocean when moving internationally. This means that your shipment will be placed in a large metal container, which will in turn be loaded onto a ship by a crane, usually stacked several containers high.
  • Not getting organized before the big move.-If you have a full house to pack, you need to be organized. If you are having some of your goods put into storage while the rest goes overseas, be sure to clearly separate what items are intended for which shipment.
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate-Keep a phone line that you will have access to -- whether it's your cell phone or landline -- connected through the time of your departure. Because you will likely be changing time zones, email is often a convenient way to maintain communication with your moving company.
  • Cutting it too close-One of the biggest factors in your international move will be time. Leave enough time in between the last day of your move and when you are scheduled to leave the country.
  • Not knowing the new house rules-Different countries can mean different rules. It is important to review the regulations for importing goods into your country of destination. To learn more about the regulations in your destination country, check with the moving company overseeing your move