Guidelines for Warehouse Facilities

UAE Cargo Services provides the modern state of art for warehousing and distribution facilities to its clients. Warehousing activities of UAE Cargo Services includes industrial warehousing, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland shipment services. Following are the several guidelines for warehousing.

  • The warehouse must be well ventilated.
  • Allocate office space that is self-contained area within the warehouse.
  • Make sure warning and safety signs and notices are in the correct place, in compliances with the health and safety regulations.
  • The facility must have a proper lockout/ tagout procedures.
  • Every employee must be trained on how to avoid heat stress in hot and humid environments.
  • Workers who have to perform physical work must have enough periodic rest breaks to avoid fatigue.
  • Allocate clearly defined, separate areas for shipping and receiving.
  • Proper guards must be provide for exposed or open loading dock doors and other similar areas that could cause employees to fall 4 feet or more.
  • Employers must have a proper work practices when determining the time requirements for each employee is accomplishing every tasks.
  • Create a separate storage area or storerooms that items are regularly used such as cartoons, boxes, packing fillers or packing tape.