General Guidance on Sea Freight

Moving cargo is a part of daily operation for us. When moving freight is an everyday operation, proper execution is must. The following are the common freight shipping mistakes.

  • Getting an incorrect address - This remains one of the most common shipping mistakes. It is important to fill the correct information as to where the destination of the shipment will be. Even misspelled address or ZIP code can result in a time-consuming effort to track down a shipment.
  • Improper package -Improperly packaged freight results in a higher probability of shipment damage. No matter how small or big the package is, if it is not done the correct way this can cause a much bigger problem with the delivery.
  • Having a Delivery Receipt - If damage is omitted on the delivery receipt, it will be difficult to recover any costs with a damage claim. Shippers and carriers can point to a clean delivery receipt, and claim any damage must have taken place after delivery. When in doubt, make a note that there are possible damages pending inspection.
  • Rely on one carrier -Some shippers rely on one carrier for all their transportation needs. While it is reasonable to form trusting relationships, relying on one carrier alone to handle your entire shipping can cost you big time.
  • Getting Shipment Services-You need to understand as a shipper the role of a consignee receiving the freight shipment at their end. Knowing where your freight is going, and assigning the proper services to your shipment in advance, are important factors in maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Inaccurate Weight Shipment-Some organizations may not have the proper equipment to weigh cargo, which leads to estimated weights. People who do not ship packages frequently would somehow give an inaccurate weight result of the package.