Demerits of Moving

Moving overseas is exciting but stressful. There are many factors to consider before relocating to abroad.

  • Stressful time- Life in new country comes with its own set of challenges. Apart from the initial culture, you will have to deal with realities, looking for suitable housing and getting accustomed to the local culture. It may take time for you to settle.
  • Certain types of risks- Packing up your whole life and trekking to a new country is a huge step that carries a lot of risks. Conduct thorough research on any region you are considering moving to before you make your final decision to ensure it is safe and well-suited for your lifestyle.
  • Paperwork overload- There is an abundance of paperwork required to relocate internationally and establish residency. The paperwork process can sometimes be tedious, confusing and exhausting.
  • Financial burden- Moving to a new country is can be an expensive affair. First few months can be particularly hard as you will have unexpected expenses. Be sure to plan a budget, save adequate funds for the move and, research the cost of leaving in your new region as well.
  • Leaving family and friends- Distance can take toll on relationships. Once the excitement of your adventure begins to wane, homesickness will set in and leave you longing of your company of friends and family.