Packing Services

Are you searching for high quality courier services at minimum costs? The UAE Cargo Services is the one stop destination for you. We have been the top brand carriers for quite some time. We are there to help you at each stage of the required courier service(s).

At UAE Cargo Services, we provide for online mode of booking. Simply enter the weight, dimensions, and your country destination to complete the parcel delivery. We are always happy to receive calls from you on booking or parcel services. Our experienced staff, with a courteous nature, help you gain confidence in us.

Booking for parcel delivery is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Enter the package details.
  • Choose the best offer.
  • Select a collection date.
  • Print and attach the labels

How does the Parcel Delivery Work?

  • When you make a booking, you set the day of collection. This is subject to service restrictions at weekends and public or local holidays.
  • Your shipping labels will be sent directly to the collection point after your booking. It is to be ensured that the collection point is able to print the documentation for the collection.
  • You receive a tracking number once the collection has been confirmed. This can be used to trace your shipment.