Moving Services

UAE Cargo Services in partnership with DTDC offers a host of e-commerce solutions from domestic to international customers. Our services range from warehousing and distribution to Value Added Services.

All solutions and services are enriched with the latest technology to work in tandem with client’s needs and requirement(s).

Benefits of this Service – International Delivery

  • Door to Door services for import and export of documents, parcels and cargo.
  • Customized solutions like flexibility, defined transit time, complete details about declarations and authorities. (Custom Clearance)
  • Real time tracking Information.

Benefits of this Service – Domestic Delivery

  • Door to Door services for e-commerce and parcel deliveries within the country.
  • Solutions designed to meet client’s requirements.
  • High level services including Credit card, Cheque Book Deliveries and Bullet Services.
  • Automated Tracking System enabled for smooth pickup and delivery management.
  • Delivery experts handling products packed with care to deliver on time.

Air Freight division of UAE Cargo Services offers innovative air cargo services at its base in Dubai. A license is freight forwarding service helps in not only carrying out shipment but also all enables mandatory documentation for a successful transaction.

The air freight team has been rated as the leading logistics provider in cargo services. We provide suitable choices for customer’s cargo transportation through sizeable shipping methods.

Our departments handle various shipping and cargo services with free quotations on Freight Costs, Port Charges, Consular Fees, Customs expedition fee, Insurance and Freight forward’s fee.

What does the Customer Gain?

We make appropriate arrangements for the necessary services in expediting merchandise to their destination as their authorized agent. These include:

  • Booking space with the carrier
  • Completing export/import documentation procedures
  • Arranging for cargo insurance
  • Advising on foreign import regulations
  • Sufficient know-how on packaging, making and labelling
  • Arranging and Packing products in containers on exporters request(s)
  • Export clearance
  • Trans-loading arrangement
  • Trans-border shipping arrangement
  • Cross trade-shipping arrangement