Door to Door Cargo

UAE Cargo Services is a reputed cargo moving and packing company in Dubai, specializing in air and sea cargo, warehousing, office, company and house shifting locally or internationally at affordable prices.

As a leading Cargo Services provider, headquartered in Dubai, we offer personalized services for all your relocation needs-local, domestic or international. We realize fully the need for great care in dealing with valuable belongings of our esteemed customers.

UAE Cargo services offers much more than being just a simple cargo service provider. Our absolute focus on providing quality services makes us unique. People – not products or services  â€“ is the corner stone of our success.

People look out for competitive, yet careful packing and transportation facilities for relocating their goods. Our team of experienced and skilled supervisors, lead from the front in providing high quality relocating services for office, commercial and household goods in Dubai.

To prevent any damages to your valuable goods and equipment during transportation, we make use of top end and appropriate packaging material for packing all the items with absolute care and attention.

As a reputed cargo service company, we always make certain that the goods are transported to your doorsteps safely and intact. Our professionally trained and experienced drivers and knowledgeable crew minimize the inconvenience to customers and prevent any damage to the goods, using state-of-art equipment(s) as needed.

The safe delivery of our client’s goods to the destination has always been our commitment.

Our exceptional relationships with the world’s major commercial airlines, door to door commercial services, cargo carriers and charters results in our customers goods receiving the very best attention on its journey.