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Relocation services in Uae

Office relocation is stressful, skilful and overwhelming task that requires proper and effective handling. The key to a safe, managed and effective office relocation is assuring the packing of the contents of the office done correctly. The task of office relocation is very difficult especially when the office is segregated into many departments.

  • It is advisable to consider packing items of each department separately for the relocation.
  • For an effective office relocation planning, a general agreement should be reached about the complete aim of the project and every reason behind the objectives of office relocation.
  • It is advisable to contact all the service providers few days prior to the moving day and make sure that there is accessible internet, telephone connection etc.
  • Assigning number to each and every department and then make clear labeling of every box with contents as well as the department number from where the packing boxes are moving from.
  • Early start with packing activity will allow enough time to correctly do the labeling thing on every container that will be moved to the new office address.
  • Pack every item in sealed and secure boxes. You can also empty your storage or any kind of supply cabinets by tying or locking the doors securely shut.
  • Do remember to remove everything from the cupboards, desks, shelves, wall units and book cases into secure packing boxes.